This was funny.  I have a number of cassettes from ‘back in the day’.  Quite a large number in fact. So I decided that I would get my old cassette player and convert them to mp3 at work since I’m at the desk most of the day there anyway.

So I packed my ‘ol cassette player into my backpack and as I was just about to jump on the back of my motorcycle, it fell!  I still took it to work hoping it would still work.  No luck.  I went to our audio/video division.  So not only do we not have a single tape player in the whole building, there were some people (very young as you would guess) who paused at first saying back to me ..’ a cassette player???’

So I send out an internal email asking if anyone knew of once in the building.  And the 4 funniest replies..usbCassette

4) what is a cassette player?

3) I found this in Wikipedia: . they were all the rage in the 80s and early 90

2) Where’s the USB port to upload music to it?

…and number 1

>Where’s the USB port to upload music to it?

You need an adapter

Love it!

BTW you can find really nice decks on craigslist for around 20-25 bucks.  I WILL get these tapes digitized!