A story broke a few days back from a blogger named Michael DeGusta saying that if you let your Telsa’s car battery full drain that you have effectively bricked your car. He gave 5 examples of cars that were fully drained and thus ‘bricked’.  He reports one example of a user who took his car… Read More

Walking through San Francisco on Sunday and decided at the last minuet to stop in at the car show. I wanted to have a look at the latest series of electric car offerings.  The usual suspects were there, but no edge players.  Shame.  Heck, Tesla was not even there. But BMW was with their newest… Read More

I am back from the holidays and am catching up on CES 2011 news. A great amount of gadgets where shown but this ‘car’ caught my eye initially. Shown at last year’s World Expo Shanghai, General Motors brought their EN-V (Electric Networked Vehicle) concept to CES this year. Sure the design is odd, but when and… Read More