Talk about an epic day.  Seems this coming weekend will be a battle between not Only AT&T (to stop the bleeding) Verizon to speed it up, but also T-Mobile to get in to some of the blood bath as well. Some of the details are not clear, like do you have to pay first and… Read More

So if you are already a Verizon customer and what to finally see what all this iPhone fuss is about, you can go online at and sigh up. But wait, I’m NOT a Verizon customer…  I have to wait a WHOLE 7 DAYS before I can order?  Really?  You have that little patience.  Well… Read More

Just read this in TechCrunch.  I have been reading on the various ways people in Egypt have been trying to get information out.  Google has released a service that will allow you to call a phone number, leave a message and that will turn into a Tweet.  I have not tried this myself so I… Read More

This week Layar, the mobile augmented reality platform, announced on their blog the launch of the Layer Player. The Layar Player is a unique piece of code that can be embedded directly within your own iPhone app. Yes, seems it only is available for iPhone apps. Nice thing is there are no licensing costs and… Read More

Talk about taking forever; but Layar is finally out. If you do not know; Layar was one of the first Augmented Reality Apps out there but not for iphone.  And funny enough, never saw it on Cydia.  Well no matter; its in the App store.  Most likely for 4.0++ but I have not had a… Read More

So many press releases before MacWorld.  This is pretty cool.  You can secure your phone to only allow access behind a firewall if the phone is at pre approved locations.  Nice.  Check out the release.. Mobile Active Defense (M.A.D. Partners, LLC) announces the release of its patent-pending mobile firewall and contents filtering mechanisms that enforce… Read More

I have no proof of this but it should work…   You can go to the Verizon store right now and by a cheap clam shell phone for $30 that has $10 of service on it.  Now why would I do that? In general Verizon is considered to have the best coverage of all the networks… Read More

Remember Metro PCS finally getting into the smart phone game? Get an Android unlimited everything for $50 a month. Not bad except you only get edge, but its a way to fight AT&T and Verizon (especially with the iphone 4 coming out). Well another shot is fired in the great cell phone war, T-Mobile is… Read More

Not a shock but still..  Google have pulled direct support for the h.264 (AVC) video codec that Apple has been pushing and Microsoft has go along with. This was Apples answer to Flash video.  However, the h.264 codec is not free, a fee has to be paid to the MPEG LA.  The WebM codec now… Read More

Via VentureBeat Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak definitely wants a Verizon iPhone. He’s a big gadget fan and thinks that Verizon is the best cell phone network in the United States. He is excited about the mobile hot spot since the connectivity saves him on occasion. Wozniak is a fan of choice. He said he doesn’t… Read More