Now, have you ever been adding a bunch of numbers and thought, man this feel kinda slow.  Never mind its so fast you cant even think straight before the screen updates, that not the point.  ANYTHING is better when its faster.  Well, almost anything.  So I post a set of pics from imgur, via Reddit of course, where this guy decided just that.  However, you cannot even THINK about overclocking till you take care of cooling.  Now twwyt thought his calculator was already running a bit warm, so decided to put a cooling fan on it.

Nice looking calculator.  He takes it a part and decides, yup, the CPU is causing the heat.  Time to fix this.

Put some thermal paste on that bad boy.  This guys is probably running at 3.0GHz so he want to be sure to have an efficient connection.  Now lets look around for a heat sink…. Ah this one will do..

Now we need to add a fan, nothing too fancy, something laying around should be fine…  Looks like he found a good one…

Ah yes.  I think we have a winner here.  Now all you need to do you SSH into the calculator and start making changes.  I have not open one of these myself you so may want to check the jumper configuration.

HE he..  So I left out 1 or 2 images just to make it quick, but you can go back to the original post and check it out, its basically the same thing.  🙂

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