I do not claim to be an expert on Nikola Tesla, but before the History Channel really stated to suck (at least a year ago when I finally gave up on them) I watched a special on Tesla … 4 times.  Amazing!  Seems he has other fans out there as well including Matt Inman, creator of The Oatmeal.  It’s great.  Read it!

Well, aside from a pretty well done comic on how great Tesla was, and how much a douche Edison was, (and yes I figured that out on my own as well from, yes, the history channel when it was good), Matt has started an effort to save Wardenclyff Tower and create a Tesla Science Center.  From the lovely O’Dell at VentureBeat

Ergo, as Inman revealed exclusively to Forbes reporter Greg Voakes today, he will be rallying his Internet army to save Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla’s incomplete masterpiece intended for trans-Atlantic wireless transmission.

Inman is now using IndieGoGo to raise the funds to buy and save the iconic and historic site. The state of New York has announced it will match donations up to $850,000, and the Tesla Science Center will take the project over and use the site to create a museum honoring Tesla’s vast body of work.

As of this writing, the fundraiser has gathered $40,000 toward the purchase of the land. In Inman’s words, “Let’s build a goddamn museum.

keep in mind I’m no expert, but most of what Matt did in his comic jibs with my memory till towards the end, when it might have taken a bit of liberal interpretation, but even so.. The man was amazing!  So come on people!!  Lets move on this!  I’m looking at YOU GE and Tesla motors.  You know why.


  • What happens if we don’t raise the entire $850,000?
    The Indiegogo campaign is set up as a flexible funding campaign, so no matter how much we raise it will still go to the non-profit and toward making an offer on the property. $1.6M is the asking price, but we’re hoping to buy it for less and then use the remainder of the money renovating the property.
  • What happens if we raise more than we need, or if you make a lower bid on the property and there’s money left over?
    Any money left over will be spent renovating the property and put toward turning it into a Tesla Museum.
  • If this is a success, can you build a museum right away? What happens next?
    The property the laboratory is on is a bit of mess. It needs to be cleaned up, restored, and there’s a ton of work to be done to actually turn this into something worthy of Tesla’s legacy. The money we’re raising is simply to secure the property so no one can ever mess with it and guarantee that it’s a historic site. It opens up years and years of time to figure out how to build a proper Nikola Tesla museum.
    However, I would love to have some kind of Nikola Tesla festival on the property on July 10th of 2013 (Nikola Tesla Day), and have some kind of zany Tesla-coil-BBQ-cookout.
  • Who is handling the money?
    The Indiegogo campaign is linked directly to the bank account of Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, formerly known as Friends of Science East, Inc. It is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization registered with the State of New York. You can read more about them and their board of directors here: Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe.
  • I want to make a donation!
    You can donate on this Indiegogo page.
  • I want to become a corporate sponsor of this project!
    Contact the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe
  • I want to do an interview or I have a media inquiry about this campaign
    Contact us

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