I went to a meetup recently that talked about development on the windows phone 7, android and iOS platforms. When asked for a show of hands on what people were interested in, android was far and away of greatest interest. iOS and windows were at perhaps 10% of the house each. Interesting. I would have expected more iOS interest. So what does that tell us? Programmers can sometimes be a great indicator of platform interest. We already know that android is catching up or caught up to iOS in many categories. Now adding this observation, one can infer that this will accelerate if anything. Why is that?
I think the latest data still shows that there is more money to be made coding for iOS, so what gives? Perhaps the flood of devices and androids gains in mind share means this could be changing. Perhaps the fact you can use any computer OS, i.e. windows, Mac or Linus since the primary sdk is eclipse which runs on everything and is pretty well known. Also you can choose to code on java. c#, lamp, perl, etc… I don’t know. but I have been to see such a large % of people wanting to know more about android and so few who cared about iOS could is a hint that something has changed.

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