huh.  Well I was looking forward to seeing all the interesting new experiments programmers were going to did with the new jailbreak for windows mobile 7, but I just saw this on VentureBeat ad it seems the  hackers behind ChevronWP7 got talked out of it … by the Microsoft people themselves.

Based on his post, they approached him and said they were willing to work with him on side loading apps onto phone 7.  Now will that really happen?  Actually, it might. And it would make sense for MS to let it happen.

The phone is going to be jailbroken regardless of what Redmond whats to do.  The iPhone jailbreaks and unlocks are proof of that.  So it makes sense to try and manage the black market and keep critical security in place instead of fighting it and driving the market underground. One of the big concerns with jailbreaking the iphone is it gets around all the, well what security, they have built in.  But its an all or nothing proposition.  By working with the hackers, both parties can get what they want; the jailbreakers get an open plateform to play with, and MS can be assured that core security will stay in place.

For once.. I think MS is ahead of the game.. If they are playing fairly.

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