I told a friend of mine that it would be a close low scoring game.. 4 points I said… Unfortunetly, I called the Pats.. Oh well.. Lets play odd ball…So here comes Super Tuesday. Obama has been making steady inroads (if the polls are to be believed) and I believe them. As I walked around the lake merritt area I could see plenty of Obama supporters. Based on taking the ave of Fox to CNBC, I think we can call tomorrow a split between O and H. Thus it will be up to the super delegates all the way to the convention. No knock out punched here.

On the republican side, McCain all the way, although I think Romney will take more delegates then people think. Huckabee, is doing a great job running for vice president. (open assumption now) .. and a smart call. By taking votes from Romney (although Huck’ said on O’riley that perhaps Romney is taking votes from him), McCain should come away with 40% of the delegates. Mostly because of the winner take all structure, not because of popular vote count. BTW, did anyone see the Steward-Colbert-O’brian special? Cute. As I watched, I kept thinking it would be funny if they could get Huckabee in on this… I guess they thought that too.

The State to watch? Why California of course. If Obama can split this state, then I think we can call him likely nominee. Given how the press loves him, how he is starting to transform from a candidate to a movement, and how quickly he seem to be able to improve his position.. consistently.. in the polls, I cannot see how hillery can stop the bleeding. Watch for obama to score in Fresno. Yes Fresno. If can get just 41+% of the popular vote, then hillery will be in trouble and the press will let her know.

Gee.. Not much from Bill lately. AFTER Tuesday, I think he will get all up in O’s grill again.