Plagiarism??  Really?  Give me a break. I don’t think the Clinton campaign realizes just how silly and petty this is. The day before Hawaii and Wisconsin. Basically the move is getting airplay but it backfired and here is how:  First, as I said, it looks petty.  Second, Obama’s response to ‘just words’ gets national airplay. Clintons getting desperate. But she lost 8 in a row and cannot afford to lose 2 more heading towards Texas.


This is cool. The crackberry is popular because of push email (among other things). Well, you can do the same thing with the iphone by using IMAP which is now supported by yahoo and google.  Note, when you set up for google, make sure IMAP is enabled and second, do NOT create your gmail account using ‘gmail’, but instead, use other.  There is a tutorial on the gmail site to do this.


Caution though, this will eat up battery.  If you plan on having the iphone off tether and away from WIFI for any extended time, I would turn this off.