So Ralph Nadar is back in the game eh? To tell the truth, I think this is last we are going to hear about it. Nadar’s appeal has been from the disaffected democrats and some independent elements. Normally Ralph can count on some of the college vote, but I think Obama has that tapped. I’ll make my guess here that he will get perhaps .5% of the vote.

Now, the cool stuff..

Someone made a Palm app work on the iPhone! W00t!1!

So why do I care?  Because I have been a palm user since Palm 1.  I have TONS of cool palm apps. Now that being said, I could never get a quake like app on the palm..

The frame rate was very good actually.  The controls were too sensitive, but this is just a demo/alpha.  I would expect they will allow the user to control turning speed.  Now here is a warning, you can shoot the bad guys all you want, they are not going down!  Took a few times to figure that out. 🙂

Also, I finally up’ed the iphone from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3.  the ZiPhone break was great!  Smooth.   But, remember you will lose the icons of what you had installed.  Just uninstall and reinstall.  So why did I upgrade. For only 1 app.  The google locater.  When will they finally get pocket GPS bluetooth working!!!  Arrgg..  I still have my treo650 as a GPN navigator for that very reason.