Ok, after plenty of people asking me for my blog link, and explaining I do not have a blog.. Fine. Here it is! 🙂

Ok, enough with the ‘hello world’ bit…

So today Edwards dropped out. So did Rudy. But who did not see that coming? There seems to be a common agreement between the pundits that most of Edwards support will go to Hillery because his demographic of the less educated working class most matches hers… but I’m not so sure… Edwards had a message of helping the poor though fundamental changes in how we view government. Seems like Obama’s message. I great ticket would be Edwards as a VP, but I think that is 50/50. He said he’s not interested in a VP position; “been there, done that” but I don’t know. Perhaps a popular shout will come out to change his mind. 🙂

The republican debate was today too. Romney took it this time. McCain’s attacks came off like a bull dog that would not let go, nor could edit himself. He would pound on the same attack point time and time again. Bad move. He has great momentum. The Gov’ernat’or is about to give him an endorsement. McCain should have used this opportunity to speak to the nation as a man who is ready to lead the nation. Ah well. Hmm.. Prez Arnold. I’m an independent, but I could live with that.

… and now for something completely different…

I’m addicted to http://icanhascheezburger.com. I admit it. Plan to submit one myself pretty soon 🙂

Last week, I spend 3 nights getting an introduction to Ruby on Rails. Although I can see the advantage, I do not plan to move off PHP. However, I think I may look into PHP on Rails. http://www.phpontrax.com/ Should be interesting.

.. and for fun.., you have to check my current 2 fav online comics.