I have written about his before, but have not got around to printing it.  So this weekend I’m at the AEC Hackathon hosted by Facebook.  There are lots of toys here including a few 3D printers.  Now is my chance to try 3D printing for the first time. I grabbed the .stl 3d digital file… Read More

Have you seen the game trailers for Watch Dogs? In the game, the player is a cyber-vigilante that explores a connected ‘smart’ city and accesses its 2D and 3D information like a high tech Batman. As an example of this, the game even has a website called We Are Data that shows real geo-located information… Read More

This is pretty cool.  Corey Perlman created a Pebble stand using a 3D printer.  Came out pretty nice I think!  If you want one, he can get it to you for around $10 depending on where you live. He also placed the .stl files on makerbot thingverse so you can grab and print yourself.  Sweet.… Read More

Over the past few years I have been engaging a lot more with various entities in Denmark. One such group that has recently caught my attention is the Danish library system. Now I remember coming across this report years back about the city of Aarhus Main Library’s Transformation Lab. Recently Dave Arendash and I were… Read More

Yup.  A very cool project. A airplane made using 3D printing only. (I’m guessing this is san motor through).  So we have cars, guns, and now a plane.  I would really love to see this released as a kit.  How cool with that be? Download a 3D airplane kit and add motor.  Here is an… Read More

Now sure if this is the first, and if fact I would be surprised if it was, but here is a cool service called Shapeways that not only lets you create your own 3D models, but you can buy and sell models as well.  This is pretty good. If I’m going to go through the… Read More