At GDC2011 the best promotional campaign I saw for a game was for Kaos Studios Homefront. Published by THQ, Homefront is a first-person shooter game scheduled to be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows this March. It is set in the near future, 2027, when a nuclear-armed Korean People’s Army invades the USA and… Read More

I have talked about it before, but today at GDC2011 the Khronos Group released the final specification for WebGL, a specification that brings OpenGL hardware-accelerated graphics to supporting web browsers. Official press release. Back to the show!… Read More

San Francisco this week is home to hordes of game developers from all around the world for the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2011. It is the conference on game development, sharing tools, tips and technologies for unbridled professional learning, networking and fun. Will be posting more soon but do check tweets #gdc and #gdc2011. Now… Read More

This is pretty interesting.  Ebay has a new feature to make buying and seeing of used (and new ) iPhone easier.  You basically select the phone you want to buy its condition, and the carrier and you can buy  if someone has placed a advert for that phone.  Now what is different is the filtering… Read More

Huh.  Well I did not see this coming..  Larry Page, co-founder of Google is now the CEO and Eric Schmidt will assume the role of Executive Chairman.  Wow.  Not really sure what I think about this.. The stock is down -.79%, but the market is down in general so that does not mean anything.  Perhaps… Read More

Its been a few days, and the jailbreak for iOS4.1 Sn0wbreeze 2.0 seems to be holding up.  There is also a really nice post with Q & A on Snowbreeze.  I grabbed a couple, but go here for the fill list. Question 1: If I have a 3gs with new bootrom that i got from… Read More

Finally!  Been waiting for firefox sync to hit the stores when I first heard of it.  Now there are ways to get your book marked into the iphone/ipad, but not a live link. Now that is sorted. I installed it last night and synced on my laptop just now.  Works great.  However, all ready have… Read More

As a general rule with jailbroken iphones, do not install something that has not already been installed on at least a few hundred other iphones.  Second rules, keep your phone backed up. I broke both of those rules and I’m now paying for it. First, I have been really lazy and have not backed up… Read More

UPDATE 2!! It’s gone again!!  I’m guessing the same reason. Hopefully it will be up in a few hours. UPDATE!!! They pulled it from the store because of a DNS attack.  I just went back into the store and its back.  If this is something you can see using, I recommend jumping on it now.… Read More

As an ex-NASA guy (seems way back to me now) I had to check this out when I saw the write up on CNET. Its pretty cool!  Well designed and laid out, not trying to do too much but doing a good job with what it does do. The app give you updates on various… Read More

I saw this in TC and have not seen it myself, but I will keep an eye out over the weekend.  Basically, you could have a ad for beer or a bike shop or something based on the search.  Also, it SEEMS uses can inject items into maps, but I think its more of where… Read More

Well there you go.  I have been having issues with my iphone and have been thinking of a clean whip, so based on what I read in ‘Crave’ I’m going to do it.   From Crave.. … In fact, the current versions of redsn0w and ultrasn0w work the same with the 3.0.1 firmware as they do… Read More

Read this in Gizmodo: Seem Apple will have a patch out to take care of the SMS hijack issue tomorrow after knowing for .. what .. 6 WEEKS??  Oh, but 24 hours after everyone knows about it, AND people are yelling their collective heads off for a fix, AND it gets demo’ed and released at… Read More