What appears to be a rare iPhone 6 prototype is currently up for auction on eBay after Apple mistakenly sent it out, a customer claims. According to one eBay seller, Apple accidentally sent her an early version of the 6 upon renewing her contract; so far, there are 166 bids on kimberlyk1018 ‘s product. The… Read More

This is pretty interesting.  Ebay has a new feature to make buying and seeing of used (and new ) iPhone easier.  You basically select the phone you want to buy its condition, and the carrier and you can buy  if someone has placed a advert for that phone.  Now what is different is the filtering… Read More

I get some odd press releases now and again, but this one was interting.  Seems that Brice Milliorn has had enough with his little iphone app making enterprise and wants to sell it off.  Fair enough. The twist here?  EBay!  Normally, I’m shopping for Christmas gifts, or used computer stuff, or oddities here and there. … Read More