This is pretty cool.  Go to and type in ‘do the harlem shake’ into the search box.  Be sure do have your sound tuned on. Let it run then if your browser supports it, check the sweet CSS effects.  Nice eh?  BTW, I tried in IE and it did not work, so I recommend… Read More

Got an iphone or Android?  We you have known for a long time that you can live stream video using a number of apps out there. However, typical mobile phone users do not do that. Instead they film something on their phone, update it later and share it later still.  What if you could live… Read More

This has been spreading all over the place in just the last 24 hours.  In fact, by the time I finish writing this (and you reading it) I will bet he already has a number of gigs and will be doing the morning show circuit. This popped up on YouTube yesterday and took off.  Its… Read More

This has been around for along time, but for some reason I have not got around to writing about it. Its a jailbreak app of course. I used to have it running last year and simply forgot about it (it could have been named something else back then).  Lately I have been pulling old jams… Read More

First off, I’m really surprised not more people raised a stink about this.  When I checked the boards and twitter, it was clear it was on many phones, but either few people seemed to care or the word got out to go through the web interface to play movies.  Perhaps I’m one of the few… Read More

Yesterday I wrote about a FAIL where movies for many iphone users are not playing. I do not have a the full answer as to why it’s not working, although it seems that the .flv (flash version) of the video is playing instead of the h.264 (apple version).   As of this writing, it still does… Read More

This is odd. Around 1:30am pst (Feb 23 ’09), movies on youtube have stopped working.  As if there was a glitch that has all flash flv being selected instead of the h.264 codec coming up.  I did a quick check on twitter and seems others are having the same issue.  The odd thing is I… Read More