Yes, this is so messed up that it has to go into the WTF? file and be added to the Rant list.  What a clue that the current patent system is woefully behind the times and relies on an approval system designed by 5th graders?  Have a look at this story from  Seems that… Read More

Oracle has a new iphone app that looks ok.  In the promotional animation, a business man is flying to Paris, France to give a presentation. Great.  Often, and I can attest to this, you have to use cash for things because your card is not always accepted. So, this application called ‘iReceipts’ seems like any… Read More

This was funny.  I have a number of cassettes from ‘back in the day’.  Quite a large number in fact. So I decided that I would get my old cassette player and convert them to mp3 at work since I’m at the desk most of the day there anyway. So I packed my ‘ol cassette… Read More