I took the 540 spin drive out of a new cheap laptop and decided to put an old SSD in.  Yes it totally makes a differnce.  However, when trying install off the USB drive, windows would not see the SSD I just installed.  After a number of trying and lots of searching, I found the… Read More

win8 tiles

I pulled the trigger and updated to Windows 8.1 and first thing I was greeted with was a blurry, low resolution screen.   What the?  Do I did a bit of digging and found the fix.  It has to do with DPI scaling which I would bet is related to handling tablets screens.  Annoying. However,… Read More

I have Windows 8 on all of my machines.  Not so much because I live Windows 8, but more that I got the licenses when they were on sale and it actually runs better on old machines.  That being said, I have yet to use the chicklet ‘metro’ elements of the OS.  Even on my… Read More