The news has already swept across the interwebs a few days back, but I only just now started looking into it.  So sprint has this device that will let you connect your iphone or iPad to the Sprint 4G network without jailbreaking your iphone. Yea, no jailbreak this time.   So how does it work?… Read More

This is sooooo sweet.   Just came across it today.  The program is called Discover. What it does is give you limited access to your iphone like a USB drive except this does it using WIFI!  There are two other programs I have already that give you wifi access but whta discover does differnetly is it… Read More

There is a starbucks near where I live, but the wifi there is horrible. Worse, I cannot get 3G, so basically, I go elsewhere. Then AT&T announced they were going to give iPhone users free wifi access. Great! But, you have to go through this silly login process: Link to process.. Whatever. It’s not a… Read More

Normally I use my starbucks card to get wifi at starbucks.  Since AT&T announced that as an iphone users, I can get wifi via the iPhone.  So I took a walk to starbucks and give it a shot.  This is what I got.. Gezzz..  Strike Two.  I’ll give it a few more days and try… Read More

Ok, I heard this before. Hopefully they have it working this time. I got a SMS from ATT pointing me to this info on the ATT site on how to gain access: iPhone users, get started with Wi-Fi Activate Wi-Fi from the settings icon on your iPhone Select “attwifi” from the list of available networks… Read More