This is not a new story, but most video editors I have talked to really hate Final Cut Pro X (FCPX).  I started using it just as it came out and love and hate it at the same time…  Mostly hate. My projects are normally not that complicated, and I publish to the web, so… Read More

With jailbreak of course.  I have not done this myself because from what I read you need iOS4 and I really do not want to put that on my iphone 3g.  But, for those of you that already took the plunge, AND have jailbroken AND care enough to want to bother in the first place…… Read More

Now this is useful.  I know full on that when I shoot video with my iphone it’s not always the most stable in the world. And although there are desktop apps I can use to fix it, it would be nice to do that on the phone directly. Well welcome to Smooth Movie.  I have… Read More