As expected, there is a jailbreak (beta) already out there for iphone iOS5. Also, no surprise, there is not baseband support yet, I expect this will be a bit more complicated given the new way iphone4S is using antennas, but still doable. Now we have be clear about something.  The iPhone4s is running the new… Read More

Ok, we all know the 4.2 dropped for the ipad, and although I have not found as many reason to jailbreak for the ipad as I have for the iphone (re: top ten jailbreak apps)  There are still good reasons.  Still; unlocking your ipad could be pretty useful if you want to through a t-mobile… Read More

For anyone who has jailbroken or unlocked their iphone knows, when you update your iphone to a new OS, like OS 3.1 that just came out, you are going to lose your jailbreak and unlock.  Re Jailbreaking 3.1 should not be much of an issue and I except an updated redsn0w to be out soon. … Read More

It was just a matter of time. I’m not happy that purplera1n was release because it uses a hole that the dev’rs were going to hold on to till 3.1   Since the cat is out of the bag, it does not matter now.  So NOW we have to wait for a new hole for 3.1. … Read More