I put this together pretty quickly in just a few hours, so I’m sure there are plenty of bugs, but I wanted to get it out there as soon as possible. here is the link:  http://www.twittfilter.com/iranElection.php# A problem I have with twitter search during the election is some many RT’ed messages saying the same thing.… Read More

The last week has not been kind to the twitter servers.  As someone who has a twitter product (twittfilter.com) I get to see (and hear) everything that goes wrong in twitter land. A combination of servers issues and a few virus (kinda) attacks on the system has forced twitter to moat certain bits of itself… Read More

Friendfilter, a service of Twittfilter.com has gone Beta!  Currently, when you get a new follower, twitter sends you a generic email saying.. you got a new follower.. Well, great, but that does not tell me anything. Friendfilter is a service that will check for new followers and score them relative to you.  A scorecard is… Read More

Twittfilter is actually an old project.  I started it last Spring but only shared it with a few friends.  The first feature of Twittfilter is the ability to send you an email if a term (typically your twitter name)  is found in the public stream. Since you get an email  you do not have to… Read More

So, given that I work in technology, and web2.0 for that matter, whatever that means, one would think all of my blogs would be about software. And yet, this is my first. Now many of you know I have been playing around with building a twitter service to deal with twitter overload. The easy fix… Read More