Ah, we were warned and warned.  Yesterday, or the day before, twitter API 1.0 was finally turned off.  Already seeing the confused posts asking for help.  No easy answer I’m afraid.  You can read more here. I have two apps that died, TwittFilter and NewsSnacker.  TwittFilter is a pretty large and dense program, so… Read More


Another one bits the dust.  Topify, a service that makes working with twitter and email much better decided to not to deal with the latest changes to the Twitter API.  And I can understand some what because one of the services of TwittFilter ( developed by Yours Truly)  has a similar service where it will… Read More


Well, what could that mean from a few points of view.   First the user.  I think BusinessInsider did a pretty good job with their mockup showing what it could mean to have fully integrated twitter support in iOS. From a design point of view, it will be pretty minimal, an extra button on a menu… Read More

{UPDATE} Well, seem with all the issues Twitter has been  having lately they have pushed this back a month, perhaps 2.  But dont get lacks, its going to happen, so you may as well get on it now. The end time are nigh.  Yes, for all of us first gen Twitter App dev’s our old… Read More