I like Tweetie.  I wrote an article for iphonelife on iphone twitter apps (it not out yet, but here is a short version) and of all the apps I tried, I used tweetie the most when I’m not using twittFilter. (twittFilter is a web app and my fave given that I wrote it).  So Gizmodo,… Read More

Guest post by Kevin Rochowski – @thunderberry Despite it’s enormous popularity, Twitter has no official iPhone app of its own. Developers, seeking to plug this gap, have taken up the challenge to make their own, ensuring that there is no lack of native clients to choose from. Today, we take two of the more popular… Read More

Its not like we were not warned or anything. I knew this was coming 2 weeks ago. Twitpocalypse is twitters version of Y2K where the unique identifier associated to each tweet will exceed 2,147,483,647. This afternoon, I spend all of 10 min fixing the db in twittFilter to handle the changes and all good. (lux… Read More