End of year holidays are coming and that means one thing. Lots of new iPads. There are even some that have got them early. So now that you have a new ipad, what apps should you put on it? Well, normally I would give a top 10, however, not everyone will use the ipad the… Read More

A few days back I wrote a post asking.. are there clues to what we can hope to see, and expect to see, in 3.0 that has proven successful in the jailbreak world. I took my top ten list and looked at the odds of each app coming to 3.0. Now keep in mind that… Read More

I’m sure you have already heard, Apple is going to present iphone 3.0 OS on March 17.  And ho yea, I will be watching.  Since its only the 12th now, we have some time to think about what we might see in 3.0. There are plenty of things that need to be fixed or improved;… Read More