I just saw this Via Dana Oshiro on NewShelter. I have not really taken to Google+ for the same reason I did not take to facebook.  Too much scrolling.  What i like about Twitter, and still find myself going there first, is everyone is limited to 140 char and replies are not shown by default. … Read More

Here are a collection of tips and tricks you can use to make Civilization Revolution easier to play and win at.  Keep in mind there are not cheats for Civilization Revolution. I have looked..  None.  Enjoy!  I’ll update and add images later. When you first start, explore fast and always attack barbarians if you find… Read More

Ok, I would not have believed this if I did not see it myself.  We have an older apple keyboard that was just disgusting. Instead of trying to clean it by hand, someone recommended putting it in the dishwater.  What??  Ok, so my friend gave it a shot and low and behold… it works!!  Not… Read More

As a developer and analyst, I heavily rely on the powerful features and flexibility that Microsoft Excel provides for various tasks. This was especially true when I was supporting enterprise level accounting systems. I would often be working with two or more workbooks at a time, and loved having the ability to view two worksheets… Read More

I love my little Roomba, and most people you talk to love theirs too.  However, as far vacuum cleaners go, they cannot really compete with a standard high power vacuum cleaner.  Nor are they supposed to.  However, here are 4 tips to get the most of your Roomba. 1. Maximize your battery life:  Depending on… Read More

Tip # 41 I have window7/office 2010 on my laptop and XP on the work computer. I much perfer using the laptop, but I have multiple monitors on the work desktop.  So I have been dealing with a RDC call into the laptop and working off one monitor Which stinks I have a few documents… Read More

Like most people who had any choice, I avoided installing MS Vista.  I did download Windows 7 (build 7100 and RC) and have been quite impressed.  So in addition to dropping my hard drives and installing SSD’s (which I also recommend) I’m beginning a computer by computer reinstall to Windows 7 (except for my Mac… Read More

Ever find yourself in a hotel, want to watch a movie on your iphone?  Laying on a bed holding your iphone can get a bit tiring after awhile.   Well check this out. You can rig up an iphone holder using hangers and a plastic bag!  This assumes there is a lamp right over the bed. … Read More

As I reported a few months back, I noticed an uptick on dropped calls and overall poorer performance when I upgraded from 2.x to 3.0. Basically it felt like the phone reverted to the same performance levels before the 2.1 upgrade.  So I hoped it was a simple visioning error and the 3.0.1 would take… Read More

Every now and again, I get an email asking me to review an iphone app or provide feedback as its being developed.  Sometimes I’m asked pretty early so I’m sent screen shots or compiled code, but most of the time its in the App store. Someone once asked me how to put in the code… Read More

I’ve been a Pandora fan for a long time, (more here on my fav radio apps) and when it hit the iphone, it became my default radio station for music complimented with occasional Last.FM.  Well, here are a few tips to really get the most out of your new iphone digital radio. First, be aware… Read More

Last week I read an article in popular mechanics (link here) talking about the various ways, and the level of quality, per option.  Nothing new here that has not already been talked about, except, the missed out on one.. Over ride the CD changer! Why would we want to do something like that?  Well, lets… Read More

If  you have categories on your iphone, you may have noticed that when you update an app, it creates a new icon on the iphone’s ‘desktop’.  The fix? Simply refresh categories.  Here are the steps… 1) Open categories 2) open any folder 3) click add.. You do NOT have to add anything 4) close and… Read More

There is a good reason SBSettings is Ichiban for my 10 ten best iphone apps list, I use it daily.  Really.. Daily!  Mostly turning the 3G off and on. When 3G is on at my place, my odds of missing a call climbs to 20%. Well, whats really great about this app is other people… Read More

The dev team is on the ball, as expected. I never upgraded to 2.2.1 because I did not want to bother with it. Note, QuickPwn has been updated to version 2.2.5-2 for the windows users. Remember QuickPwn and PwnageTool are not the same things.. so read up. Here is the link Remember, normal rules… Read More

We all know that the camera on the iphone is about as poor as it gets.  Basically its the same thing I had in my treo600/650. I’ve learn to accept this and move on with life.  Well, seems like someone was not willing to take this laying down and did something about it. In comes… Read More

When I first got my Griffin Clarifi Macro lens for my iphone, I was pretty happy, but then I realized there is one down side.  I keep the lens closed to protect the iphones lens, which is a great plus I did not think about.  But I also don’t think about removing the lens when… Read More

I saw a new app in Cydia for conference calling over VoIP.  That got me ta thin’kin, what are my conference call options with the iphone?  Leaving out typical conference call services that work on ‘any’ phone, I did a quick look around and found an app called ifbyphone. Before I get into it, lets… Read More

I have said this many times, and just in case you missed it, I really HATE the iphone keyboard.  Yea, I used to be a Treo user and really liked having a real keyboard. I normally tell people who do lots of texting or phone based emails, to get a blackberry instead of an iphone… Read More

I actually downloaded this awhile back but have not used it until now. Its actually pretty interesting.  I took a pic of my cat in a low light situation. [ canada meds viagra | buy levitra online viagra | cialis soft tablets | get viagra | cialis canadian | cialis sales | overnight canadian viagra… Read More