foil as faraday-cage

Sigh.  More proof mean people suck.  So here is the story.  Thieves are using signal power amplifiers to extend your cars reach to your key fob.  The way it works normally is when you are a few feet from your car, the car’s remote sensing system detects its your key fob and unlocks itself.  Well… Read More

Here is a great life hack.  If you do not need ice for your drinks, then put something else in there.  Like candy!  Of course you can put fruit or mochi or anything else that is small and taste good either frozen or just thawed.  I can see berries or grapes as well.  I wonder… Read More

There are two ways to write a pebble app, use c code and release to the Pebble store, or as I have done with NewsSnacker, write in JavaScript and release to the Pebble app store.  They only problem is Apple has not released an update to allow iOS users to install apps written in JavaScript.  … Read More

I took the 540 spin drive out of a new cheap laptop and decided to put an old SSD in.  Yes it totally makes a differnce.  However, when trying install off the USB drive, windows would not see the SSD I just installed.  After a number of trying and lots of searching, I found the… Read More

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As it has been reported, the battery life on the Moto360 is so poor you cannot even for a full day.  However, there is hope.  The most recent firmware update had improved the battery life significantly.  So much so that users are reporting more then a day usage.  This assumes you are not using ‘always’… Read More

This was bugging me for a few days.  Took a few times to look it up, so thought I would share here just in case someone else runs into this as well.  Seems when you try open a window for the command line, anytime you try to open a new one, it simply brings you… Read More

Their has been a jailbreak hack that has been around for awhile that speeds up or removes animations on iOS devices that make your older phone feel a bit faster.  Well turn out you can do this on Android as well without rooting or any other hacks.  Its pretty simple. First find the ‘developer options’… Read More

kanji pebble

After living with my Pebble for awhile, I have found a few tips that have proven to save battery life on my Pebble.  For this post, I’ll break it down to 5 tips that should double your Pebbles battery life. 1) Turn the Pebble off when you are not using it. This may seem obvious… Read More

I had no idea about this, but here is the warning directly from Chrome. When you login into any computer, Chrome will download all your sync information and store it on that computer.  Even when you log out!  You have to actually DELETE the account to get rid of this information. Direct quote from the… Read More

This drove me nuts for awhile. I have Google Apps so my GMail account is not  No matter what I tried, I could not get Outlook to connect to my GMail account which has 2-step verification turned on. After doing quite a bit of research I finally figured it out. You need to set… Read More

It was only a matter of time.  I go to a fair number of events, not as many as others, but enough.  And every now and again I will put on a name tag.  Since I do not go to that many and I do not always put a paper name tag on, I sometimes… Read More

Ok, just for the records here are you cheats so far.  Now remember, these only work in sandbox mode. As I hear more, I’ll update this.  Also, if anyone finds new cheats for SC 5, let me know. Code: Result: ALT+W Add $100,000 ALT+F Toggle Fire On/Off ALT+C Toggle Crime On/Off ALT+M Toggle Health Issues… Read More

Over the past month I’ve had a problem with the home button not always working on my iPhone 4.  My first thought was dirt, but it was inconsistent. I figured it has to be a software glitch keeping the home button from registering a click.   The first thing I tried was reboots. That worked, but… Read More

So as we are all aware, the new iPhone 5 was announced yesterday with a lengthy list of new specs, by apple, along with the new iPod 5g (the first of which to be released with a multi color color display option).  Both of which are going to have the anticipated iOS6 on them.  According… Read More

So before we start, let it be known I have not tried this.  I have pretty good habits when it comes to keeping my phone charged so its pretty much a non issue.  However, I know of plenty of people who always seems to be at 18% or something when I look at their phones. … Read More

When I started messing around with a new MacBook Pro I was pretty impressed with it.  Light, fast and a much better user experience then some of my less powerful predecessors.  However there was one thing that bugged me. The power connector kept coming off. Now I’m pretty rough on my machines so I figured… Read More

I installed Chrome over the weekend.  It seems ok enough although a bit slow.  However, I found that I had to remember to use it.  So I decided to really commit to it and set it as my default browser, through jailbreak of course.  First off its not fast despite what they say. In fact,… Read More

This through me for a look.  Seems that if you have a skype plugin installed, you cannot cut and paste formulas in Excel.  Pretty random till you think about it. The skype plugin is pretty aggressive trying to capture what it thinks are phone numbers and its totally possible the its intercepting the paste function… Read More

One thing that bugs me about windows 8 is I have 2 screens I have to get pass to get to my desktop.  First the splash screen, or whatever its called, then the login screen.  Well I just found out by accident that if you click on the spacebar, that will execute the ‘slide open’… Read More

iphone as glasses

I’m a reddit lurker. I’ll fess that now. I came across a pretty good comic on how to use your iphone instead of your glasses in the morning, or my case, when I misplace them.. Which I do often. I thought, ‘the world must know!’  Instead, I got sidetracked by work and other life stuff… Read More