Many of us really thought the next iphone, the 5 would be a 4G i.e. LTE. Well, seems that comments from  Apple COO Tim Cook, who said that “first generation of LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises,”  during the Apple’s earnings conference call on Wednesday. Well, sounds like this is about as accurate… Read More

So today Sprint has taken the Pre out of the store. Yes you can still find them in the Verizon store, but for $50 and $30 respectively with a two year plan. Not exactly getting the big demand. And what killed the Pre? Not the OS. The WebOS is actually pretty good and HP paid BIG bucks for it thinking it could be used for tablets, or slates. The hardware was not all that great, but not that bad either. No what killed it is no one wants to write apps for it.… Read More

The news has already swept across the interwebs a few days back, but I only just now started looking into it.  So sprint has this device that will let you connect your iphone or iPad to the Sprint 4G network without jailbreaking your iphone. Yea, no jailbreak this time.   So how does it work?… Read More

Maybe.  Its $199 if you take on a 2 year plan and send in a $100 rebate.  I HATE rebates.  Enough that it could turn me off from thinking about the Palm Pre, but we’ll see what the user experience is like for sending them in and getting the money back.  Its like giving Palm… Read More