Finally.  I was wondering how long this would take.  I have to tried it myself, my general rule is to wait for awhile and see how it goes.  But if you are a poor soul that updated accidentally, then there is hope!!  Now this jailbreak supports 3.2 as well as 3.1.3.  However, 3.2 is still… Read More

The iPad just got its official jailbreak with ‘Spirit’ from MuscleNerd. WIN! Now many of my top jailbreak apps for the iphone does not make sense for this version of the ipad since it does not have a camera, but we all know the next version will. … Read More

Well, technically it was the second day, but what fun is that given that Sunday was Easter?  So we have a proof of concept break out there using ‘Spirit’ by a hack0r called MuscleNerd. The video shows him getting to root and running a few command, some he placed within the OS himself.  Now this… Read More