When I first saw the commercial for Microsoft’s surface, my first reaction, was ‘Ug’.  Why the hell are all these kids jumping around just because a keyboard was connected to a tablet?  Kind of like why when I drink a beer, tonnes of my friends and a bevy of hot babes do not suddenly come… Read More

Remember back in the day when TC’s Micheal Arrington had an idea for a simple tablet that he can operate from his couch to do basic things; mostly around web browsing?  (read ipad) Then the he and the group he was working with had a falling out?  And then they tried to do it on… Read More

Its kind of a shame really.  Although once I read the specs and saw the mock ups, I know this would not fly, but it would have been interesting just to see.  The idea of a two screen slate is intriguing to say the least. But Microsoft finally owned up to building one and owned… Read More

This is not a full review of the Camangi since I do not have it in my hands, but this is a perfect example, of the slew of Android Slates that I expect to see coming out this year.  This slate is listed at $400 bucks, and based on the specs, its basically a big… Read More

The great (slate) Tablet war moves to the next stage as expected.  The first player on the scene the JooJoo, which used to be known as the CrunchPad, was the first to enter the battleground.  I expect to see it again this coming week at the #CES show in Las Vegas, but already they are… Read More