Just read that in June Microsoft will release their voice assistant Cortana for Android and iOS.  This is great for those of us who want to try something new who use Android and Google Now search, which is very good, but sometimes you want something a little more conversational. For my friends who have been complaining about Siri not… Read More

siri reads notifications VSNotifications

There is a cool jailbreak app that will read you banner notifications using Siri voice called VSNotifications.  Nice! Credit via ‘The Great iPhone Jailbreak‘ for this one. You can get this from the Cydia Store in the BigBoss repository.  Once installed you enabled it from a new pane that will be added to the… Read More

This is something I have been expecting.. A simply AI system that learns from your behavior to make voice interaction smarter.  Think of it as autocorrect for your SaaS personal assistant.  If you tend to call your SO on the way home from work often, then the next to time you say; call so and… Read More

siri Tiananmen Square

At the recent World Wide Developers Conference, one of the new feature shown off  the expansion of Siri’s language capabilities to Mandarin and Cantonese.  Must reviews are fairly mixed; noting the sounds is mechanical and comprehension is limited to fairly basic sentences. Tienanmen Square.  From VentureBeat. As China Real Time says, Siri responds to questions… Read More

My Android is stuffed away right now, so I had to test on my tablet, but all and all, its seems to work, MOSTLY as seen in the video. I did have a few issues with Robin understanding me, but 80% of the time, it worked pretty well. Check the video at the end.  Everything… Read More

Love it. A few days back we heard that if you asked Siri what the smartphone (not smart phone) is, it would reply back with the Lumia 900 by Nokia.  This is because the answer comes from Wolfram Alpha, a service Siri often queries. Wolfram Alpha’s answer was based on “customer review average” across the… Read More

We all remember the dust up around Siri and its refusal to give directions to an abortion clinic.  Well Iris, (siri spelled backwards) which is suppose to be an somewhat Android equivalent powered by ChaCha is far worse. Never mind not giving directions; ChaCha will quote scripture when asked if abortion is wrong. Q:  Is… Read More

This is an older rumor, older as in 2 weeks ago. ( Seems Apple is working on an adding Siri to the ipod Nano such that it can work as a watch / personal communicator.  Imagine having a watch that is mostly controlled through voice and performs voice to text for output.. I’m sure it’s… Read More

I just read this so I have not loaded it nor tested it. I’ll take a closer look later tonight. Remember it’s not a install and forget jailbreak app. You still need to set up a proxy so if you cannot do this yourself, hopefully you have some friends who do. Update. I did… Read More


I’m not fully convinced here, but the general talk around in interwebs is that the oversite of leaving vfdecrype key in the unencrypted ramdisk basically means its fair play.  Not sure how that works, but ok.  Still this does not mean we should see a release of Siri for iphone4 anytime soon.  There is still… Read More

Ok ok, I know you are really want to get Siri on your iphone, well short of buying a new iphone4s I mean.  And you figure, its only a matter of time before a hacker cracks it.  Well your right, and they have, however there is an issue.  Like other jailbreak apps, Steven Troughton-Smith was able… Read More


Found this story from a tweet.  Seems that when you ask Siri for an abortion clinic, it will say it can not find any, or send you to a CPC clinic, (Anti-abortion clinic). This has been reproduced many times so its not a glitch based on location or timing thing.  The question now is; was… Read More

This is pretty cool.  Go to this site and type in your conversation.  Hit the ‘create siri conversation’ button and bam.  You have your screenshot.  I’m sure a micro meme of really off conversations are going to be created over the next month. Here is one I made really quick.  Not my best work.… Read More

Nuts.  Well it seems the rumor of Apple working on a version of Siri for older devices was just that.  A rumor. According to a reply from via VentureBeat; provided by Michael Steeber ; Apple has basically put the breaks on any hints that they are working supporting Siri on older iOS devices. I’m… Read More


Last week there was all kinds of news about getting Siri to work on jailbroken iphones. Well there is news today that Apple my be working on a version to run on older iOS devices. Most likely you will still need to update your phone to iOS5 if you have not already. I have held… Read More

The news just broke that @stroughtonsmith got Siri working on his jailbroken iPhone4. Nice. There is a vid, will post a link to it, then do an embed later. Right now he is not releasing the files or steps till the iPhone4s jailbrake is out there. Also, he wants to do a bit more testing… Read More

Just like the news where Steven Troughton-Smith said he got Siri running on iphone4 but odds are we will never see it in the wild, we now have a report that Jackoplane has it working for any device with iOS5 on it. And without jailbreaking. Cool. But the real question is; when can “I” see… Read More

I just read this on 9to5mac, so I still need to research this a bit more, but once I figure out how to install Siri on my iphone 4, I’m on it!  And will report back.  Now its pretty much a given you will need to be jailbroken to run this, and the first few… Read More


I’m sure this list will grow, but I came across these reading Ultrasnow. I think my favorite Siri reply so far has to be the first one.  “I need to hide a body”, ‘what kind of place are you looking for? and its lists reservoirs, metal foundries, mines, dumps, swamps.   This HAS to be… Read More

iphone4S Siri

So its the iphone 4S.  This is not news since its slipped out last week from an iTunes oversight.  The outside is the same, but the internals have changed.  The dual-core A5 is the big game changer… for games that is. ** Apple stock has now fallen 3.42 percent, while the NASDAQ is down only… Read More