This actually came out almost a year ago but just noticed it now.  Its a collection of all your most wanted shortcuts in a nicely designed poster. Credit to endorken for making this. And just for fun, so kinda cheats short cuts.  These are in the manual BTW.   Alt-W = +$100k Alt-M = Sickness… Read More


And so they have finally released SimCity in offline mode.  Well, its not out yet, but SimCity Offline is being tested at the moment.  Looks like they have it right.  You can play offline by yourself, you can install mods and save your games without ever touching the cloud.  Here is a snip from the… Read More

This is not new news, SimCity5 has had one of the worse release in recent memory.  As a big SimCity fan, I was sadden that I just could not justify paying for this.  I have been waiting for a good hack that will allow me to play offline, then I figured I would buy it. … Read More

It only took 10 min of trying SimCity Social to realize this is not for me. Perhaps because I’m a pretty hard core fan of the original game, this pop version is simply a turn off.  Perhaps if I was 8 years old… Naw, not even then.  Thats pretty harsh I know, but that just… Read More

I just saw this now come through the normal press release wires and thought I would toss it on the site.  I have not tried Empire Builder and thus have no idea if its any good, but the graphics look nice and if your into Egyptian history at all, this could be pretty fun. Empire… Read More

I mostly play SimCity deluxe on the iPad now, but these tips apply for all SimCity games in general. BTW, I have not tried this for Android, but it should work. Put your powerplant in a far corner of the board. If you have a river near the centre of your world, build near it. … Read More

I really like SimCity for the iphone.  I think they did a great job, esp with the UI.  I still enjoy and lose far more time then intended playing it.  However, there are a number of things that just really piss me off.  Ok, so EA, if you are reading this, take notes..  Beginning rant….… Read More

You knew it was coming.  They claim Increased stability.  I’ll download and test.  We’ll see if anything else is new. {UPDATE} OK, it does seem to work a bit better but when you start it, it recommends you do a reboot before starting the game.  Thanks, already figured that.  Still takes awhile to start and… Read More

Ok, its been a week now and everyone has been dealing with the crashes.  Seems to happen when switching between map and selecting something to build, either a structure or land zoning.  Best fix.. and you will not like it.. reboot your phone. Yup, sorry, only good solution.  What this does is make sure there… Read More

Really, i’m not kidding here..  Get it now!  Its $9.99.  WAY worth it.  Here, click on the following link.. Is it any good?? Yes!!  Read this… Cheat codes?? Of course, thanks to “oab2” from my previous post.. i am weak = Construction costs set to $0 pay tribute to your king = All extra rewards… Read More

Today, EA gave a sneak peek of ‘need for speed’ and ‘simcity’ as part of their road show at the Apple Store here in San Francisco.  I was not all that interested in need for speed, but just as a note, this is the first time a car (the Nissan 2009 something, I need check… Read More