.. Meh. I still need to give it a chance, and I am running this on an old laptop brought back to life by Windows 8, but so far, not impressed.  Here is info that was sent to launch.co  I’m going to install this on my desktop and try on my tablet and update this… Read More

Just saw this on Techcrunch.  It looks pretty cool although I could not get it to work quite right.  Could be a GPS issue. Anyway, I think this is just the beginning of a flood of location / orientation away apps that are on the way.   And the fact this is using Bing is quiet… Read More

When I first saw the screen shots, I though, meh, too much screen space used up for the returns.  But I downloaded it and gave it shot anyway.  I still do not like how  much screen space is taken up by the dividers, however, this thing is FAST!  Very impressive.  The web browser is pretty… Read More