I expect to see examples of the Leap Motion with augmented reality, and the team at Metaio hasn’t disappointed me. They posted this video of an augmented reality character controlled with a Leap Motion. Simple, but cool. [ cialis india | chinese herbal viagra | buy viagra woman | generic money order viagra | best… Read More

Just saw this across the twitters, bookmarked it, then forgot to post it up.  ah well.  I have not tried it but watched the video and yea, it looks like a much improved way to get your content into an AR app.  If anyone has tried this, give me a ping and I’ll post up… Read More

We all know about Adobe returning to work on porting an app written in CS5 thus using ActionScript.  But its not out yet.  And may not be out for a bit as I comment on my post on Adobe getting back to work.  However, if you just cannot wait, there is another option. Corona! The… Read More