I already got mine, but I read this on Reddit and thought I should pass it on. I got my pebbles almost 2 weeks back and yet again i received another emAil confirming my pre-order with a link to Pay for the same I could have been greedy and done that but something stoped me… Read More

I got this a few days back and since I do not know this person, or if I do I do not remember why.  I really do not use facebook all that much.  But anyway, my brother got it as well and emailed a scam warning to me, so what the heck, I’ll post it.… Read More

Actually, I would have thought this would have happened faster, but Geekword has reported that there is an email scam going around.  If you click on this fake google+ invite you will be redirected to some pharmacy site, but one can imagine will not take long till some sort of virus payload it put on… Read More