This is a quick tip for all you jailbroken iphone users out there. ESPECIALLY you 3G users… you know who you are. So you already have downloaded SBSetting because its one of the best reason to jailbreak your iphone / ipad in the first place. However, as you have also seen, once you jailbreak, and… Read More

Ok, this is just cool.  I updated SBSetting last night and now I get an icon for active threads.  Now since I have folders, I do not see everything, but still, kinda cool.  That is all. {update} I was just made aware that this is part of backgrounder.  Which makes sense when you think of… Read More

There is a good reason SBSettings is Ichiban for my 10 ten best iphone apps list, I use it daily.  Really.. Daily!  Mostly turning the 3G off and on. When 3G is on at my place, my odds of missing a call climbs to 20%. Well, whats really great about this app is other people… Read More

the 10 best jailbreak apps for the iphone / ipad… Read More