Funny enough, a few days back I wrote a post on how I thought my iphone 4 looked small compared to my Samsung.  Too small in fact.  Sure I can still use it, but the difference is very noticeable.  Then later that even Mashable broke a story with leaks images of the iphone 6 that… Read More

The news is moving through the blogs now, so I will assume you already know that the ‘new’ asymmetric screw was a fake.  This happen quite a bit with Apple, especially around new iphone / ipad releases. But what was different about this rumor was the post analysis by the guys who started the rumor… Read More

Well we know its just a matter of time before we have a sub $100 tablet, but most of us expect it to be a race to the bottom for creating a tablet powerful enough to be useful, but only ‘just’ powerful enough. Well break out the rumor books, looks like Google is pushing to… Read More

This is SERIOUSLY rumor control, but I’ve read on electronista and a few other sites that Apple may change the iphone4.0 SDK to avoid a possible FTC antitrust investigation. Now this does not mean flash will be on the iphone or ipad any time soon, or anytime I figure short of going through jailbreak, but… Read More

I’m sure most of you have already heard the news of the lost next gen iphone 4.0.  Well Gizmodo got their hands on it, took it apart and have posted up what goodness we can expect from the new iphone There are some things that I had thought back in March (last year) we might… Read More

Om Malik from GigaOm started a rumor (and I only say rumor to be safe) that Mozilla is planning something for the iphone. Now the first thought is; “Hey!  Firefox on the iphone! ” Yeah.  As sweet as that would be, and you bet it would be sweet because the browsing experience on the iphone… Read More