I was listening to NPR and they played an interview with a futballer who answered a question misunderstanding vampire for umpire. After he realized the mistake he laughed and said please delete that.   And it struck me, 10 years ago, we would said erase.  I’m pretty sure whatever device they were using for the interview… Read More

This is just plain random and fun.  So you were asked to work for free eh?  Who hasn’t been?  Well here is a flow chart to help you think through if you should or not. www.shouldiworkforfree.com/… Read More

I get some odd press releases now and again, but this one was interting.  Seems that Brice Milliorn has had enough with his little iphone app making enterprise and wants to sell it off.  Fair enough. The twist here?  EBay!  Normally, I’m shopping for Christmas gifts, or used computer stuff, or oddities here and there. … Read More

XKCD is full of win! And I remember when the web used to look like this.  Yes, its true kiddies!  You have no idea how good you have it now… spoiled brats!  🙂 And here is your screenShot…… Read More

I ran out of business cards a few months back and never bothered to get more. As such, I find myself in a spot when people ask for my card.  Normally I take theirs and intend to email them when I get home. However, as with business cards since as far back as I can… Read More

This was funny.  I have a number of cassettes from ‘back in the day’.  Quite a large number in fact. So I decided that I would get my old cassette player and convert them to mp3 at work since I’m at the desk most of the day there anyway. So I packed my ‘ol cassette… Read More

Last year I went to Google’s IO event and loved it. Here is a post from last year. I’m going again this year and will report on it again, although I expect it will be a bit more toned down, but hey, you never know. So they send me a comic on the mail.  I’ve… Read More

I really do not have much to add here, but safe to say, I’ve never seen john lets his character be ‘aggressive’.  Yes, the FAA and AF1 really screwed up here. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c Mistakes on a Plane thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Economic Crisis First… Read More