These have been popping up all over Reddit and other places in the last 2 weeks.  Pretty cool really. Odds are there will be plenty more showing up in the coming weeks as people make, oh say, Star Wars drinking games, or LOL cats board games, etc… Most of the images are pretty good quality… Read More

Ok you rage comic writers, Rage Comic Generator is now in version 1.1 with the added ability to paint you comics as well. (I have a bad feeling about this new feature) However, since I missed 1.0, I thought I would at least post it now.  This does the basics you would expect; take the… Read More

This will be one of the most inside baseball posts I have ever done. If you read reddit, and the rageface comic infested subreddit /fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu you will know of the moderator POLITE_ALLCAPS_GUY.  Well, he decided to step from for modding F7U12 and focus on other things like R/BOOKEXCHANGE AND R/SHITTINGADVICE.  And fair enough.  Having to… Read More

Man, am I late to the party on this one, but better late then never. First, the link to install rage face emoticons in Chrome for Now you can use your favorite memes on sites like Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Google+, Reddit, FunnyJunk, EbaumsWorld, and Memebase! This extension does have its limit, if the person who… Read More

I was only a matter a time before someone created a native Android app for creating rage comics.  WIN! I have not tried it myself since my Android is stilling in a box somewhere, (using the iphone for now), but I’ll dig it out at some point and replace the iphone screenshot.  However, if someone… Read More