WTH?  According to VentureBeat, seems that AT&T has been sending letters out to subscribers of MiWi, a jailbreak app that allows tethering of multiple machines to you iPhone. I use PDANet and have not seen such a letter yet, but I’m keeping my eyes out.  The letter basically states that if you use a non… Read More

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Installing MiWI tethering app on iphone 3.1.2 will mess up your network carrier settings and uninstall PDANet… Read More

It’s Cal football day today and I had to stay home to wait for a visitor (thus could not go to the game).  No problem, I put on my Cal shirt and hat, grabbed a beer out of the fridge and turned on the telly. 10 min into the game the power goes out. I… Read More

First off, I’m not your typical user, and if you read my blog you would know this; I use jailbreak and LOVE it. However, I also cannot resist experimenting with the iPhone, so once I felt satisfied I heard the jailbreak for 3.0 was relatively stable, I decided to go for it.  However, just as an… Read More

Yes, AGAIN, PdaNet to the rescue.  At the 140tc conference today, the wireless was in and out.  I needed to do some updates to twittfilter and the FTP updates failed because of the wireless. I then gave up on the wireless and pulled out the trusty PdaNet app.  Here is a hint though, if you… Read More

This is the first day at GDC, and in the press room, the interwebs connection was good, but in the middle of drafting another post, the thing went south on me.  Grr…  Worse yet, in the conference rooms (of which I’m in now learning about various coding techniques for graphics on mobile devices) does not… Read More

PdaNet is not a new app, nor are apps for tethering new. I even wrote about and downloaded PdaNet back in Sept.  Story here. I never did have a use for it, nor did I expect I ever would, till today.  I took a 2 mile walk to starbucks (need the exercise) expecting to have… Read More

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I just read this in cnet. AT&T confirms tethering coming to iPhone in 2009 Eh. Perhaps. There is nothing to gain and a bit to lose for AT&T to do it now. So I’m guessing they are keeping this in their pockets as a way to fight the sure to come competition from other service… Read More

When NetShare first came out, I did not download it because … bah, I do not remember why not.  However, once it was pulled off the app store, I really wish I did. I do not need tethering that often, in fact, I only rememeber wishing I had it once, but in the jailbreak world,… Read More