I’ve been a Pandora fan for a long time, (more here on my fav radio apps) and when it hit the iphone, it became my default radio station for music complimented with occasional Last.FM.  Well, here are a few tips to really get the most out of your new iphone digital radio. First, be aware… Read More

This is great. I use Pandora as my radio when I drive for my radio music exclusively. I have another app for BBC and NPR, but music… pandora. I do not even remember the last time I listen to the radio for music. Funny thing though, the radio stations in the Bay area stink for… Read More

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a news junkie.  I watch or listen to WAY more news then I should, but the news and especially politics is like a soap opera that you know is somewhat trashy, you just cant stop following.  Anyway, when I drive, I normally listen to a 24hr AM news station.  Unfortunately, AM… Read More