There have been plenty of rumors about the iPhone 4.0 release (and hardware not withstanding) I would say it was about 50/50 on accuracy.  Course the big question, how long till jailbreak??  🙂  Too soon people, too soon. Multi-tasking: The one thing everyone was expecting … and we got, (kinda).  Of everything announce for iPhone… Read More

There is not enough in 2.2 to make it worth my while, but I though I would at least let you all know. 🙂  The jailbreak for 2.2 is already out.  Link to more info here.. but I’m still going to hold off. Here is what I’ve heard is in 2.2 from gadgettastic The iPhone… Read More

I’m not sure I want to update yet, one of my core complaints does not seem to be addressed (where the keypad does not hide and unhide correctly during a call). I’ll give it a few days and see what is said.  For those of us with jailbroken phones, we would have to lose our… Read More