Well this came from nowhere.  I guess they do not want to give iPhone users any more reason to get another iPhone instead of a Windows phone, but Office is Microsoft’s biggest profit product, and they know they need to move to the cloud with 360, so they bit the bullet and released an iPhone… Read More

I was in brookstone a few weeks back and saw this; iphone pocket projector.  This is not the first pico projector I have seen, but seeing it in brookstone means its crossing the mark from a specialty item you see at CES to an everyday item you will see most (semi) professionals carry around with… Read More

OnLives desktop plus has been out a few days and I finally got to try it. If you do not already know, OnLive Desktop Plus give you Window 7  Touch Desktop on your iPad. It’s like remote desktop a.k.a. VNC except was smoother. So smooth you can watch video, flash video. Yes that’s right, you… Read More

Yesterday, there were rumors of a Microsoft project to create apps for tablets that will allow greater access to MS Office applications.  Next comes the release of an upgraded Google Documents for Android that provides document editing and real-time collaboration, and now comes onLive upgraded iOS app that provides a windows 7 desktop on the… Read More

Android business users rejoice. You can now edit your Google docs in your tablet, and not just edit, but you can see those edits in real time just like on the desktop. Nice. Now this news by itself may not seem like big news, but in fact, its quite interesting when you consider that Microsoft… Read More

I have not tried this myself, but its looks pretty good.  Not only can you download and read major document types, you can transfer them from a PC or a Mac,  Nice eh? At $2.99, its a pretty good deal especially if you are on the road quite a bit and need to get to… Read More

Simple enough, you are talking on skype or some other VoIP app and you realize, you need to record this since if you are talking on your iphone, odds are you are not at your desk to take notes in the first place.  Do keep in mind that you have to let the other people… Read More

Got this in the email and have not tried it but it looks useful. The app is called Dar-Soft’s PDF Forms for iPad and is designed to support annotating, filling out and signing forms and documents.  I can say that more then once I have looked at a PDF and would have liked to dash… Read More

End of year holidays are coming and that means one thing. Lots of new iPads. There are even some that have got them early. So now that you have a new ipad, what apps should you put on it? Well, normally I would give a top 10, however, not everyone will use the ipad the… Read More

Wow, talk about the power and reach of iOS. Box.net is giving away 50 gigs of storage for iOS users. The promotion starts 12:01 AM PST on Friday Oct 14 and runs for 50 days. And its not limited to your iOS device wither, you can use it on your desktop as well.  I tried… Read More

Did not think about this till I got the press release, but sounds like a must have.  Set custom sounds (think ringtones) for email. The use case is pretty clear.  If you get an email from an important client, you may want to have a more urgent ringtone. Friends and family something else, and set… Read More

This just broke on the Google blogs, you can now buy Google Analytics Premium.  It mostly looks like upgrades to amount of data you can track and more variables for doing custom filters, which is great.  I think the most interesting feature is going to be realtime traffic reporting.  I have used Chartbeat and currently… Read More

There are some many buzz words I could have used with this, but basically, its a remote control robot with a camera and computer screen. And thats cool enough right?  However, I’m not sure this would really take off as the creators have in mind.  The idea is that you can have an autonomous remote… Read More

As a developer and analyst, I heavily rely on the powerful features and flexibility that Microsoft Excel provides for various tasks. This was especially true when I was supporting enterprise level accounting systems. I would often be working with two or more workbooks at a time, and loved having the ability to view two worksheets… Read More

Ever2One Converter 1.0 I just got this via a press release. I will try it in a little bit and then update this post. Have you ever dreamed of a possibility to import your notes from Evernote into OneNote in a couple of clicks? If yes, then your dreams have just come true. If not,… Read More

vBooks; a text to voice ebook reader can now support uploading of your own content into the iphone or ipad… Read More

the new Driod Pro by Motorola is what BlackBerry has been trying to build; a business centric phone that focuses on office file formats, exchange support, high security and remote phone management that is highly required by any corporate operation.… Read More

Yeah. Evernote is pretty darn cool.  The only thing close is mobileNoter, but with mobileNoter you need MS OneNote to go with it.  Evernote is pretty cool as a stand along app and now with the release of 3.4, its gets cooler.  Most of the improvements are around the Audio features and functions, but there… Read More

Its enough of a pain having to sign a document off the computer.  Normally you have to go to the computer, print, sign, then scan the document.  Wait, I thought we were in the computer age.  Thankfully I ONLY use tablets now, so I don’t have that worry. (See Apple? This is why I do… Read More