Well, this not good for facebook. Your worried about your privacy?  Try to use all the tools to protect yourself that facebook provides?  May not matter.  Check this out below. In Nir Goldshlager‘ post, he outlines, almost step by step, how you can perform the same ‘hack’.  Facebook claims to have fixed this, but Nir… Read More

Yup, death of basic auth for twitter part 2.  If you remember, we were going to have basic auth killed in favor of OAuth back in June, and they decided we (they) we not ready.  Fair enough, plus the world cup really put some strain on twitter.  So now we have til the 16th of… Read More

{UPDATE} Well, seem with all the issues Twitter has been  having lately they have pushed this back a month, perhaps 2.  But dont get lacks, its going to happen, so you may as well get on it now. The end time are nigh.  Yes, for all of us first gen Twitter App dev’s our old… Read More