Wow. I’ve seen lots of crazy Linux ports, but full X11?  Wow. And the crazy thing is this is working on top of Android.  So once they get this stable, you can realize a full on computer on your phone. You can find more on NexusOneHacks. net Check out the video below. [ viagra the… Read More

I still do not have the Nexus One, and still trying to get my hands on Google’s phone, although I ‘could’ just go out and buy the bloody thing, but where is the sport in that? Plus, I’m not looking for a replacement phone… yet.  So again, anyone have a Nexus I can borrow or… Read More

No, I did not get to play with the Nexus One; and if anyone can help me out with that, I would appreciate that.   But anyway, a mate of mine has mucked with it and here is what I’ve heard..  (and I will update as I learn more) {update – Rumor control Got this… Read More