I just read an article about the world premier of  Neurowear‘s new mood-sensing Mico headphones. Neurowear designs and prototypes new products and services based on biological signals such as brain waves, heartbeat, etc. The Mico headphones read your brainwaves and, with the help of their mobile app, chooses music you subconsciously “want” to hear. Nothing that is… Read More


Just came across the V Motion Project by Assembly which is a pretty cool use of the Kinect for creating music. Check out this music video with some dubstepping-hand-waving-DJing shot on the streets of Auckland,NZ. “This project combines the collective talents of musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators to create an amazing visual instrument. Creating… Read More

Yet another app that looks interesting but I have not tried.  Now before I cut and paste the email, a quick explanation of why you may want an equalizer your iphone/ipad.   First off, the sound on the iPad is not exactly Audiophile quality and odds are the files you are downloading are not exactly high… Read More

End of year holidays are coming and that means one thing. Lots of new iPads. There are even some that have got them early. So now that you have a new ipad, what apps should you put on it? Well, normally I would give a top 10, however, not everyone will use the ipad the… Read More

I’m sure how else to say but just microphone check as Groover kicks this jam with early holding the beat.  Ahhhh yeeaa..  The Sesame Street gang mix it up Beatie Boys Sure Shot. Its a great world with video editing becomes so easy that someone would take the time to make a music mashup like… Read More

I was lucky enough to be turned on to TurnTable.FM when it launched and have enjoyed it off and on ever since.  Last week, when we were planning the final details for VentureBeats Mobile/GameBeat conference, we talked about music.  I suggested we should create a Venturebeat room and let people DJ the breaks!  As it… Read More

muppets munamuna2

This will be a quick post. I’ll write up more later, but basically it’s this.. You play music, the app looks for public images in flickr and Instagram that match the title, album or band of the song, and play a slideshow for you.  Most likely of the band you are playing. I decided to… Read More

I have not tried myself but it looks interesting.  An alternative to garage band and basic looping apps.   I wrote a bit about it here. Steathbee Jam Music App. Here is the press release.. Several months ago, when we launched Stealth Bee Jam for the iPad, we also sent you an email comparing Stealth Bee Jam… Read More

This is straight from my email box.  Just thought I would thought this up really quick in case there are any musicians out there that have not tried AmpliTube yet.   Dear Musician,        Join the 28,000 users who have registered their FREE Version of AmpliTube 3 with the new built-in Custom Shop… Read More

So, you really liked that demo of garage band that Apple showed for the iPad 2 eh?  Want it but already have the iPad 1? Well, how about something kind of like it?  But better in someways? Especially if you cannot play an instrument? Stealth Bee Jam is more like a mixer then a way… Read More

I have not been really paying attention to the sound quality on my iphone because really, despite the ipod heritage, its not that great.  I have tried it a nice headset, but again, its just ok.  So I have resigned myself to lo-fi audio.  Then on a whim I tried the McIntosh API player skin.… Read More

This has been out a few days and I have been checking out the videos. The video is a bit silly, but gets the point across. You do not play this like a normal guitar where you put your fingers on the strings to make chords.  Instead you select your chord with a finger and… Read More

This has been around for along time, but for some reason I have not got around to writing about it. Its a jailbreak app of course. I used to have it running last year and simply forgot about it (it could have been named something else back then).  Lately I have been pulling old jams… Read More

Sweet!  Yes folks, and all in one packages is out for us musicians!  If you remember my last post on the AmpliTube’s iRig, I thought it was pretty useful for playing around with different sounds and even used it while playing outdoors using my batter amp.  The only thing that has been missing is the… Read More

Ever since back in the early days of jailbreak; we had drums, and guitars and (kinda) keyboards mixed in with a few other instruments.  Then came the wind apps, by blowing into the speaker,  a few karaoke apps and then voice autocorrect. They were all fun and all, however, this app EverydayLooper really shined when… Read More

As I’ve said before, I do not like iTunes, so I have been waiting for a good replacement. I REALLY hate that I cannot make changes to my playlist unless I’m connect to the ONE machine that has my playlist. Bollocks! There have been many I’ve played with, but I knew about Spotify (a Swedish… Read More

This was funny.  I have a number of cassettes from ‘back in the day’.  Quite a large number in fact. So I decided that I would get my old cassette player and convert them to mp3 at work since I’m at the desk most of the day there anyway. So I packed my ‘ol cassette… Read More

This is great. I use Pandora as my radio when I drive for my radio music exclusively. I have another app for BBC and NPR, but music… pandora. I do not even remember the last time I listen to the radio for music. Funny thing though, the radio stations in the Bay area stink for… Read More