Sure. All you need is WIFI access.  Basically the non 3G iPad is an iPad on steroids. So if you could get your ipod touch to do a VoIP call, then you can do it on your iPad… And there are plenty of Apps to choose from. Line2 has the most professional options. (My Review… Read More

UPDATE 2!! It’s gone again!!  I’m guessing the same reason. Hopefully it will be up in a few hours. UPDATE!!! They pulled it from the store because of a DNS attack.  I just went back into the store and its back.  If this is something you can see using, I recommend jumping on it now.… Read More

First off, I have not tried this yet.  I tried to download it and give it a test, but it was not in the store.  I’ll send them an email to try and find out whats up. UPDATE:  Seems they were getting a DNS attack and took the app off the store.  Its back up… Read More