Yes its true.  In 24 hours ‘Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere.’ kickstarter crossed the $1 million mark.  As of this writing its past $ 2.5 million and still climbing!  This is a great success for LeVar and his team in LA, but there is something larger here.  The understanding that reading is… Read More

A LOOOONG time ago when I was at UC Berkeley studying computing in Architecture, my focus was on virtual environments.  During my research I was downhearted to find a flaw in what we all thought was the soon approaching golden age of VR.  VOR ( Vestibulo-ocular Reflex: explained at the bottom of the post) is… Read More

I dont own a gaming consul, always preferred my PC for gaming.  So I have basically missed out on all the back and forth on various platforms, never really cared when netflicks and other ‘home’ uses have been introduced to try to continue to get people to buy new hardware.  Well this could be the… Read More

This is a kickstarter project.  That means its not available to the general consumer market yet, but if you are not afraid of a little DYI, its a pretty good deal with pretty good specs.  I used the VFX1 back in the day when I was building VR worlds using VRML and the Quake 1… Read More

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Jeanne Pi sent me this via email just a bit ago.  I remember reading her first post thinking the numbers seemed a bit unfounded.  I know know this because I wrote a kickstarter scraper and thus see a lot of flow day to day.  Well Jeanne hear the same from other people and decided to… Read More

First off, the idea.  If you have ever played any sword playing game you know it pretty much sucks.  Triggers for a sword? Really?  I was hoping that the Wii or perhaps the xBox would make this better.  But not.  So the guys at the Subutai Corporation decided to do something about this by creating a… Read More

pebble smart watch

I could be wrong, but I think with the Pebble Smart watch,  we are looking at the most successful kickstarter project I have seen, not that I have seen lots of kickstarter projects.  Not only did these guys raise enough money to start the company; after being rejects by plenty of VC’s BTW, they are… Read More

This watch is not on the market yet, but basically its a smart watch that lets you load applications.  Using bluetooth, it will connect to your iphone or android and get alerts, run apps and who knows what other apps will come in time. The phone is called the Pebble and its on Kickstarter. (Check… Read More

I have no idea why this has taken so long or why I did not think of it. There is a new project on kickstarter called juicetank that is an iphone4, 4s case that has the AC plug built it!  Yes, make perfect sense when you think about.  New to recharge your phone?  No adapter,… Read More

Kickstarters ability to get projects off the ground is not new news, but every now and again, I’ll get an email to remind me just how cool this service is. The Indie Game movie just got funded in 24 hours, so I thought I would post up the email showing yet again, you can make things happen if you just try.… Read More

We all know about kickstarter, and if you have not heard of kickstarter, whats wrong with you?  Didn’t you see that story on the uber cool ipod watch?  Sigh.. anyway, check this out. Hololabs is trying to build 3D Augmented Reality app.  The project is called MixAR: MixAR is our second Augmented Reality (AR) iPhone… Read More