I’ve actually had a keyboard for my iPad for quite a while now.  When I first got my ipad 1, I got a normal case for it.  All good, but I did not think getting a keyboard was worth the extra money.  Then a bluetooth iPad keyboard when on sale.  At $30 I thought I… Read More

Warning, this is more of a rant then anything.. I want a bloody keyboard for my smart phone.   There are many thing about the iphone that really pisses me off, but so far, only android comes close to the experience.  I was excited about the palm pre till I tried the keyboard.. too small.  The… Read More

I waited till after the weekend to check out the Palm Pre. I was not happy when I saw the first iamges and they had a portrait keyboard instead of a landscape like the G1.  Well, I still held out hope.  … Hopes were dashed. First the plus sides.  The device feels good in my… Read More

I have said this many times, and just in case you missed it, I really HATE the iphone keyboard.  Yea, I used to be a Treo user and really liked having a real keyboard. I normally tell people who do lots of texting or phone based emails, to get a blackberry instead of an iphone… Read More

Sigh.. Ok, another rant on why I regret going to the new iphone.. <rant> During a phone call, quite often the keypad will be displayed and active.  So I will be talking and either I hear beeps, mostly the key “2” or the other phone pad will show up and I’ll brush against the mute… Read More