Remember back in the day when TC’s Micheal Arrington had an idea for a simple tablet that he can operate from his couch to do basic things; mostly around web browsing?  (read ipad) Then the he and the group he was working with had a falling out?  And then they tried to do it on… Read More

Its kind of an misnomer to call these new devices Tablets, but too late for that. So I will refer to them as NetTablets indicating that these devices are not the Tablet PC’s we know of now, but instead very thin Network Slates that are designed to perform most of their tasks in the cloud. … Read More

Yes, as of 9:30 am PST, we have entered the net tablet war.  And who knew the first battle would be an internal one?  As I’m sure you have already heard, Arrington’s idea of a simple, cheap couch computer, christened the ‘CrunchPad’, now called the JooJoo was shown to the press in SF and via… Read More