This design concept has been out there for awhile but thought I would point out that we are still just in the beginnings of smart and stylish wearable tech.  This looks like a mix of a smart watch and fuel band using the Apple iOS. Now I think curable display are owned by Samsung, but… Read More

This was a question posted on Reddit.  It brought up a good conversation, but I think I can condense it into a few point to help you decided between buying a Pebble or other smart watch now, or wait for the Apple iWatch. Before I bought my Pebble through kick starter a year ago, got… Read More

Almost exactly a year in fact I wrote about an Apple smart watch. It makes sense given what can be done with siri. Well now rumors are flying around ( broken by mobilegeeks and  BI ) that Apple is finally getting around to building a watch. Given the move to more portable and wearable computing,… Read More